Posted by Jenna Andersen


The great news is that ALL ORDERS placed with us on or before Sunday, December 20 have already been shipped and are now processing through the USPS system.  And we're proud to say that the vast majority of these orders have been brought to the post office within 24 hours of order placement.  (NOTE: As noted on the product description, "Here Comes The Reign Again" will ship on or before Tuesday, December 29.) 

As you may be aware, the not so great news is that the USPS is experiencing extended shipping delays from extremely heavy volume, logistical challenges, and a workforce that has seen more than 15,000 of their employees out with Covid related illness. (See: USPS ‘gridlocked’ as historic crush of holiday packages sparks delays)

It’s come to our attention that you may see a lack of information or erroneous information in your shipment’s USPS tracking info.  It is our understanding that this is common as the USPS may have skipped package scanning procedures in attempt to speed up the delivery process.

For example, below from an order we shipped out from Buffalo, NY on December 9 arriving December 21 in Hamburg, NY with no updates on tracking information along the way.  This normal 1-day delivery took 12 days. 

We've also seen shipments show they were "delivered" back at our own zip code (14214) the same day they were shipped and then arrive days later at the intended destination again with no tracking updates along the way. 

We hope that all of our shipments arrive in time for Christmas but this is a nationwide issue with the Post Office and we can only ask that you be patient with the USPS at this point.  

From here on out we commit to get every order shipped within 24 hours of placement… but obviously cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas due to USPS delays.

Thank you all so much for your patience and continued support of store716! Feel free to contact me directly (jenna [at] store716 dot com) with any questions or concerns. 

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