Since our start in 2012, Store716 has provided more than $1 million worth of charitable support to organizations and causes in our community.  From personal fundraisers and benefit events to environmental conservation and social justice efforts, we’ve rarely said no to requests for help.

But as our contributions have grown, we’ve reached the point where there are more requests than we can reasonably satisfy.  For that reason, we’ve determined that it’s time to focus on those causes that best align with our mission and that we believe will have the greatest positive impact on our community.

Going forward, Store716 will be focusing our charitable efforts towards youth sports organizations in and around Buffalo. We recognize and appreciate the invaluable role these organizations play in shaping the lives of young athletes and promoting teamwork, leadership, and physical well-being and are proud to play a small part in making that happen.

To streamline our donation process and ensure equitable support, we have established the following donation policy:

Eligibility Criteria:

-Organizations must be registered and actively operating as a youth sports organization within our local community.

-Priority will be given to organizations that serve a diverse range of youth and promote inclusivity and equal opportunity.

-Requests from organizations focused on promoting sportsmanship, skill development, and healthy competition will be highly considered.

    Types of Support:

    Store716 may provide donations in the form of monetary contributions, gift cards, or sponsorships, subject to availability and budget constraints. In-kind donations may also be considered based on the specific needs of the requesting organization.

      Application Process:

      Interested organizations can email with detailed information about the organization, its mission, the purpose of the donation, and how the donation will benefit the youth athletes.
      Requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the intended event or program to allow for proper review and processing.

        Evaluation and Selection:

        We will consider factors such as the alignment of the organization's mission with our values, the impact of the donation on the local community, and the organization's financial need.

          Recognition and Follow-Up:

          Store716 may request recognition for its contribution through promotional materials, social media mentions, or other appropriate channels.
          We encourage organizations that receive donations to provide feedback on the impact of the donation and any future opportunities for collaboration.